K.E. On The Track has been the subject of some controversy recently. He was accused of taking credit for a beat that wasn't his a few weeks ago, after Rick Ross and Jay Z's "The Devil Is A Lie" arrived bearing his name as producer. This week saw the beatmaker getting called out once again, this time for leaking a song that allegedly wasn't his to release.

K.E. released a collaboration between himself and Future on Saturday called "Rocky," which he advertised as a leak from his upcoming mixtape, I Am Music.

Apparently Future was not aware of this, and took to Twitter shortly thereafter to comment on the release of the song. "Who told this dumb ass nigga to leak that ROCKY track I did 3years ago..smh," said the rapper, before naturally closing with "I'm just being honest."

Future did not reveal whether he had any specific plans for the track. View his tweets and listen to "Rocky" below.