Future has never exactly been much of a hot-head. In fact, his persona is largely ice cold, lacking any ostensible emotion. It's part of what makes the Future mystique so alluring. Even when the "Future Hive" is in the midst of wilding out, their overlord is never without his composure.

That classic Future devil-may-care persona was on full display during a recent concert at Alabama's Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. When Future was in the middle of performing "Wicked," the Metro Boomin & Southside Purple Reign favorite, one fan decided it was time for his moment. Because, well, when doesn't bum-rushing the stage go well? Usually, it ends in said bum-rusher being violently torn from the stage and flung back into the crowd where they belong. Yet other times, the crowd doesn't exactly take kindly to a stage-rusher in their midst.

That's exactly what happened at Future's latest concert. When the fan, perhaps emboldened by "Wicked," decided to rush the stage, he was promptly given the boot by Future's security team (who are probably used to this by now), and returned to the waiting arms of the crowd. However, the fan was so high off adrenaline he began swinging, catching security with a few blows. After that, a full on melee broke out, and security began to administer an ass-whooping of epic proportions.

The most glorious thing about this incident is the fact that Future doesn't even react. He simply continues performing, unfazed, while chaos breaks out in front of him. 

Check out video of the brawl, courtesy of TMZ. Apparently, EMTS were on site to treat people, and cops even took a few statements. While no arrests were made, it really makes you wonder the psychology of a stage-rusher. It's a dangerous game, and is the ass whooping really worth the fifteen seconds of "fame?"