Many people are quick to engage in "top five" discourse, to the point where it feels like an extension of one's identity. Of course, such staples as Biggie, Pac, Em, Nas, Andre, and Jay tend to pop up with consistent frequency, leaving room for one or two alternative picks. Naturally, there are many rappers who have put out enough excellent material to merit inclusion, though subjective tastes may vary. One such figure is the one and only Future, who has, by all accounts, started the wave which many young rappers are currently surfing. 

Future recently took to Instagram to assert his dominance. "Top 5 dead or alive and I’m#1," he writes, inviting no challenges. Though many will likely protest his claims, to completely brush off Future is to admit one's own ignorance. The man has put forth a variety of compelling projects, set trends, and delivered more bangers than ten aspiring rappers combined. For the most part, the entire industry would work with him, and likely have for that matter. Is it time to put more respect on Future's name, especially given his contributions to a post-2010 hip-hop landscape? You tell me.