Future's presence in hip hop, as well as other genres continues to grow. The recent announcement that he will be on the cover of the newest issue of The Source is evidence of such. In an interview with MTV, Future spoke about the interview he did for his cover story, where he was able to open up, speaking about Ciara and Rihanna's issues, as well as getting Miley Cyrus to channel her emotions in her music.

"Sometimes it's hard to open up about your personal life, your relationship because you always want the music to be in the forefront. You want the music to be the biggest carrier of everything that you represent," Future Hendrix said of getting out of his comfort zone for The Source interview.

On his collaboation with Rihanna, "Loveeeeeee Song" never getting the full single and video treatment, Future suspected that their may be hard feelings stemming from Rihanna's ongoing feud with his girfriend and fellow R&B star Ciara. "We never shot a video, we never performed it. I don't know whether it was because of that situation or if just the time hasn't come up," he said.

Things then moved toward another pop star Future has been working with-- Miley Cyrus. The askronaut commented on his approach to helping Cyrus with her new urban crossover sound. "I never write. I usually just look at the artist's face and when I'm saying certain things, I see what moves them, so [there's] never no paper in the studio," he explained. "It's always me freestyling, [being] free-spirited, vibing and tryna pick her brain to see what she likes and what she don't like. See what she's going through by just having different conversations.

"We got a lot of great records, and it all came from conversation and having a nice vibe," the ATL rapper continued. "Whenever she allowed me in her personal life through conversation, I tried to take that vibe and go to the booth. I told her, 'You've gotta embrace your fears. If something's bothering you, you've gotta run toward it. If you're crying about it, you need to cry till you can't cry anymore. If you try to hold it back, then it's gonna eat you up. But if you embrace [it], the music moves."

Future is definitely proud of the songs he worked on with Miley, stressing that they go deeper than the average pop song. "The songs I did with her [are] very touching. Certain days it's about money, partying and vibing and some days [it's about needing] somebody to stand by you and hold you down," he explained. "Certain days you wanna know if the love that you're with is really true, and one song we got is basically around all those subject matters."