We all know how capable Future is of creating a timeless album. Since DS2, we've been craving a return to form, which we haven't been entirely so lucky in receiving. The music that the Atlanta talent has been releasing isn't bad by any means, it's just not classic. Hopefully, with his newfound confidence and inspiration, Pluto can head back to the zone we need him in so he can drop another work that will last for years. It sure sounds like he's on the right track.

Despite being caught up in a slew of baby mama drama, Future is keeping his eyes on his creative output, ensuring fans that he's creating his magnum opus. The rapper took to his Instagram story to provide an update on what he's been working on since his Juice WRLD collaboration, saying, "I'm inspired man, I'm so inspired. I got inspiration from everywhere. This 'bout to be my greatest album of all time. It's gon' be one of my best albums." As of late, Fewtch has been exploring a few different avenues. He delved into the pop world with "Take You Back" and unleashed a flurry of efforts on WRLD On Drugs. Much of it is not comparable to the quality we were hearing from him a few years ago though.

It looks like he has his head screwed on and is creating some timeless tunes. Hopefully, he's not capping because we could use some new Future sometime soon.