Last week's events in Charlottesville prompted responses from many in the hip hop community. Both figures in the underground and in the mainstream went to social media to condemn the violence. People like Killer Mike, Pharrell, Common, Snoop Dogg and more went onto Twitter to denounce white supremacy and the Trump administration.

Today, Future took to Twitter to announce that he'll be postponing two shows that he had planned in Virginia for this weekend.  His first show was supposed to take place tonight in Charlottesville at John Paul Jones arena on the University of Virginia campus. The second show was supposed to take place at Veterans United Home Loan in Virginia Beach. Both shows have been postponed. No word yet on when the postponed dates will take place.

On Twitter he wrote, "Out of respect for the tragic events I felt it wasn't rite to perform at this time..please understand my heart mean well VA #FutureHendrix."

It was followed by a second tweet which read, "VA is important to me & always will be. I'm comin very soon,my word! Love Forever."

The attacks in Charlottesville that occurred on Friday left one woman dead after a car drove into a crowd of protesters which also left many injured as well.  After the "Unite the Right" protest led to further violence, Virginia's Governer, Terry McAuliffe took to Twitter to declare a state of emergency. His tweet read "Governor McAuliffe has declared a state of emergency to aid state response to violence at Alt-Right rally in Charlottesville." 

One of the more controversial parts of the attacks in Charlottesville was the president's response to it. When he first made a statement, he seemed to blame "both sides." After public backlash, he later went to condemn neo-nazi's and white supremacy before backtracking and further putting the blame on both the alt-right and the alt-left. 

While Future cancels his shows, he has yet to say when the dates of the postponed shows will take place.

Read his tweets below: