Funk Flex is known to go use his Hot 97 show to voice some very strong opinions (amidst many bomb sound effects). Last night, he reportedly went on a tear about how New York radio should support local artists before those from outside the region. 

Future, who hails from Atlanta, and is no stranger to being played on the station, apparently caught wind of his remarks, and took the speech as a challenge.

"Funk master flex thanks for the extra motivation...u gone play intown music 1st over outtatown music,
 he began, adding, "Dropping so much heat u gone have to play my shit 1st..that's wat I'm going for #MONSTER2'.

Before signing off, he made sure to let Flex know he meant no hard feelings. "No disrespect jus kno #MONSTER2".

Future's Monster mixtape just turned one year old last week, and despite giving us four projects so far in 2015, the people are ready for more from Hendrix. Think we'll be getting Monster 2 this side of 2016?