Future announced his new album EVOL last night, sharing the album artwork and track list. The cover features a smoldering image of roses cover in ash and embers. People have identified stock photography being used by Future on his last two albums DS2 and What A Time To Be Alive. Naturally, when this artwork came out people started poking around in search of a source.

A thread on Reddit posted by user tridentgum has already identified the image. The gripping artwork is by Ars Thanea, a Polish advertising and production house based in Warsaw (they also have an office in New York City). Apparently, the artwork was merely a reference image (not the final product) for another project they were working on. You can read the full story over at Behance.

What’s interesting is that this time the photo isn’t available on a stock photography website, so people have begun wondering how it is Future came to use the artwork. People have been commenting on the Behance page asking if the advertising studio is aware of the use, and if Future paid for it, but Ars Thanea has yet to respond or make any acknowledgement of Future’s album artwork.

Hopefully Future Hendrix used some of that Apple money to throw down for the image, and didn’t just lift it from the internet.