Future hit the top of the charts again this week, as his album EVOL achieved a #1 ranking on the Billboard charts after releasing last Friday. The Atlanta rapper beat out juggernauts like Adele, Coldplay and Rihanna for the top spot. While none of those three had new albums out, they each have a much more palatable and digestible sound than Future’s trap tales. Coldplay even had their Super Bowl to help boost sales, but that could stop the Future Hive.

EVOL’s total sales plus streams amounted to 139,000, beating out runner up Adele by 27,000 sales plus streams. The achievement is especially impressive given the lack of traditional marketing for the project, and the fact that it was only available for stream via Apple Music, which does not have nearly the combined reach that Spotify and iTunes offer. Apple Music is probably pleased with the result though.

This is Future’s third (!) #1 album in the previous 365 days, with Dirty Sprite 2 and What A Time To Be Alive both earning that mark as well. Is it time to consider Future a legitimate superstar?

If you haven’t listened yet, check out our review and then decide for yourself.