While Ja Rule has officially been dropped from the ongoing Fyre Festival case that sees the trustee working diligently to get the $14.4 million USD back that went into the failed music festival, other acts that were involved are still being requested to cough up the cash they were paid. According to Billboard, 14 lawsuits have been filed against talent agencies, management firms and transportation companies that all had a hand in the Fyre Festival madness that almost went down in the Bahamas.

The head of the operations, Billy McFarland, is behind hards serving out his six-year sentence, but that doesn't mean the trustees aren't looking to get money from those living freely - such as Kendall Jenner. "Significant amounts were recklessly spent in continuation of McFarland’s schemes," New York attorney Fred Stevens wrote in a lawsuit filed against Fyre Media. The money looked to be collected will cover "musical acts that never showed up," as well as "$2.25 million to influencers that promoted the Festival on social media without indicating to their followers and the public that they were paid for promoting the Festival (including $275,000 to Kendall Jenner for a single social media post)."

Matte Productions, the company that co-produced the documentary on the festival, was also named in the suit for accepting a cash transfer for "over $500,000 to the company that shot and edited Fyre Festival ads and Festival footage which ultimately used that footage to produce a profitable and popular documentary panning the Festival (without sharing any of the proceeds of that documentary with those victimized by McFarland)."

Before Blink 182 cancelled, they were supposedly paid $500,000 and in their cancellation tweet to fans, they failed to explain the madness of the festival. The case is still ongoing.