G Herbo and Lil Bibby came up in the rap game side by side. They gained a lot of recognition with the release of "Kill Shit." They were refreshing voices in Chicago in the midst of Chief Keef's reign in the mainstream. For years, Bibby and Herbo have been promising a joint project together but while their own solo efforts have been a priority in their careers, it looks like they still have their sights on releasing No Limitation in the future.

G Herbo recently caught up with Montreality for a new interview where they asked him about the status of his album with Lil Bibby. Herbo explained that they still have plans to release it, the timing needs to be right. With Herbo dropping Humble Beast and Bibby readying FC4, they haven't been able to lock down time to complete it. Herbo says they have 30 to 40 songs to sift through for the project that date back to 2013. 

"It's just a matter of us, lockin' in, gettin' in the same place, bro. We always in different places. Like right now, he in Chicago, I'm in out here. When I'm in Chicago, he might be in New York, L.A. or some shit," he said.

While it may have been initially been announced as a mixtape, Herbo says they've built the anticipation so high that they're planning on dropping it as an official album. "We don't wanna put a mixtape out because our fans been waiting, so we gon' drop a album. A real LP No Limitations." He said.

During the interview, Herbo also touches on how he spent his first cheque, mumble rap and more.

Watch the full thing below.