While G Herbo is young enough to be counted among hip-hop's "new generation," it would appear there's at least one thing distinguishing him from his peers. For one, you won't catch Herbo making any sort of incendiary clips in the name of internet beefs - except, of course, this one.

"Why the fuck do rappers be on the internet into it so much now? I thought that's what we never did," says Herbo, incredulous at the game's current state of affairs. "I thought as gangsters – fuck rappers—I thought as gangsters, as real shit ni**as I thought that’s what we never did, took our problems to the internet or took our problems to the world. People on the streets, before there was the internet, bitches on the block wasn't supposed to know your business. N***s who not in your business ain't supposed to know your business."

“Ni***s be making five, ten videos a day," says Herbo. "Every day! You look at this shit and be seeing 'twelve minutes ago." You just did this shit last week bro! Give it up bro. I’m sick of seeing that shit, that shit so gay to me." Clearly, Herbo hasn't been following the ongoing 6ix9ine-Trippie Redd fued, which has been documented with near-hourly updates. To be fair, it does seem like every up-and-coming rapper seems to have problems with each other, although the aforementioned Trippie and 6ix9ine have largely been two of the most vocal.

Perhaps one day we'll be able to watch an extensive documentary on hip-hop's young generation, edited together in a found footage format. In short, get the hell off of G Herbo's lawn.