Apparently fans of Chicago's G Herbo have been anticipating a Breakfast Club interview with the rapper for quite some time now, and it finally came to fruition. Herb was a guest on The Breakfast Club this morning, where he spoke heavily on violence in Chicago, giving an enlightened perspective on street life, and sharing some insight on his rapping partner and close friend Lil Bibby.

Herb speaks on Bibby's educational pursuits, vouching that Bibby and his brothers are for real in the streets. "Bibby and his brothers, they are opposite of how they appear, them some of the craziest n*ggas I met in my life, the craziest group of brothers I ever met in my life, on some street shit. And they got curly hair and blue eyes."

Although this may seem in contrast to a college education, as Herb says, "It's all about evolving. Bibby one of the craziest n*ggs I ever met in my life, but it's all about evolving."

He goes on to speak on street life and the presidential candidates-- asserting that change must come from within. "Literally, if you vote Hillary Clinton, you vote Trump, they not gunna come and say, 'c'mon yall, let's uplift each other as a community,' we gotta make that step, we gotta do that ourselves. And I understand that, I dunno if everybody understand that, but I'm willing to make that extra step, I'm willing to talk to kids cause I could look in they eyes and tell them this life is not for you."

Check out the full interview below.