In 2011, a little tv show called Game of Thrones premiered on HBO about various factions vying for the crown in a magical realm named Westeros. 7 years later, and it's a cult phenomenon with fans itching for more episodes. However, kingdoms rise and fall, and the beloved series will be coming to a close in 2019. At "The Best of HBO" panel at the INTV Conference in Israel, the HBO team shared their thoughts on the remaining episodes.

HBO continues to be successful, and were celebrating two shows they have on their hands: Big Little Lies and Game of Thrones. HBO's SVP of Drama, Francesca Orsi recalled a powerful moment during production. She said that following the table read, there was 15 to 20 minutes of applause followed by tears. "It was amazing", Orsi said regarding the show's final moments.

The network had also announced spin-offs, and Orsi knew there was no other option. “It feels like corporate malfeasance to not continue it,” she noted. “That’s why it spawned three, four, five spinoffs,” concluding with “we’re going big.” The details around the 9th season, and the future additions to the mythos, are still under wraps. You'll have to wait for the big conclusion in 2019.

 [via Variety]