Lena Headey is obviously best known for her role as Cersei in HBO’s hit series Game Of Thrones, but it appears she’s got her next gig. According to multiple reports, Lena will be starring in Showtime’s upcoming pilot series, Rita.

Adapted from a Danish show, which you can stream now on Netflix, Rita focuses on a teacher and single mother who likes to buck the system and “takes on every kind of authority, as well as her family, in a messy and unfiltered way.”

“Rita is a deliciously subversive character who will make you laugh and cry as she continuously challenges the hypocrisy around her," Jana Winograde, one of the presidents of entertainment at Showtime, said in a statement. "It goes without saying that Lena Headey is a force, whose essence is ideal to take on this wonderfully dynamic lead role."

In addition to starring in the series, Lena will also be executive-producing the pilot as well. No word yet as for when we can expect to see the final outcome, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.