Last Sunday, HBO's Game Of Thrones returned with a triumphant blaze of dragon-fire, drawing in both legal and pirate viewers in droves. While the premiere "Winterfell" was a relatively bloodless affair by Thrones standards, the episode still brought many compelling narratives to the forefront, including an absolutely major revelation: the nature of Jon Snow's royal lineage. Clearly, the board is in the process of being set, and the pieces are moving toward the imminent storm. Now, with seven days feeling like "Winter" in Thrones lore, HBO has decided to show Mother's Mercy and share a few promotional pictures from Episode 2.

With many plot developments teased in the promo above, the new batch of images serves to round out some of the expected scenes. Sam spends some quality family time, likely pondering on the recent truth-bomb he just delivered. Jaime stands trial in Winterfell, praying it will fare better than that of Petyr Baelish. Dany, Jorah, Tyrion, Varys, Jon Snow, and Arya appear to hold council in the same war room, presumably discussing the incoming Army Of The Dead. 

You can check out some of the pictures below, via Instagram, as well as catching a better view over at WOTW. Will you be tuning into this as-of-yet untitled episode? If you're reading this, it feels like a sure thing.