Gang Starr fans have been in a good place of late. Last year saw the release of a fully-fleshed out album from the legendary duo, One Of The Best Yet, the first since Guru passed away on April 19th, 2010. Now, DJ Premier has come through with another piece of history, sharing a rare acapella Guru freestyle on his Instagram page. 

Guru & DJ Premier Gang Starr

Martyn Goodacre/Getty Images

"Don't base my whole life on loot," raps Guru, the camera fixed on his focused face. "But money sure help, I keep it tight like army boots / to ensure wealth, used to hang with the older dudes / so I know the rules, notice how these fools hold mics but can't hold the tool / my struggle is hard, the jungle is large, my man's locked in the valley, probably walking the yard." There's a way about Guru's delivery that speaks to self-assurance, a charm that speaks to his grounded nature; he told it like it is, never wasting words or Primo beats. 

Deemed a "natural talent" by his longtime friend and collaborator DJ Premier, it's clear to see why Guru remains a respected figure long after his passing. Check out the raw and uncut bars below, and show some love one of hip-hop's lost ones. Otherwise, run the risk of being stuck down right where you stand.