Transcripts of the 911 calls that were made during George Floyd's murder reveals a little bit more about not only police culture but the imminent need for police reform. Calls from the witnesses and transcripts from the 911 dispatcher were made public from the city of Minneapolis. One of those calls revealing that a concerned dispatcher called on her supervisor while watching George Floyd's arrest being made from the camera outside of Cup Foods. 

"I don’t know, you can call me a snitch if you want to, but we have the cameras up for (squad) 320’s call, and… I don’t know if they had to use force or not, but they got something out of the back of the squad, and all of them sat on this man," the dispatcher says. "So, I don’t know if they needed you or not, but they haven’t said anything to me."

"They haven't said anything yet... just a takedown, which doesn't count, but I'll find out," the supervisor said. It's unclear if the supervisor ever made it to the scene. 

"No problem," the dispatcher replied. "We don’t get to ever see it, so when we see it we’re just like, well, that looks a little different."

The city additionally released 911 calls from two witnesses. "Hello, I am on the block of 38th and Chicago and I literally watched police officers not take a pulse and not do anything to save a man, and I am a first responder myself,” one caller said. “I just happened to be on a walk so, this dude, this, they f—–g killed him.”