In a twisted series of events, Georgia May Jagger's former boyfriend, Norman Theuerkorn, has reportedly turned himself in after punching a man so intensely that he requires brain surgery. According to TMZ, Norman was at Blind Dragon in West Hollywood last month and approached two men, telling them he was a famous actor. Norman is really just a model signed with Two MGMT. 

Cops say Norman touched one of the guy's leg and told him he was beautiful. The man he touched was Andrew Knight - who claims to be Suge Knight's son. Andrew was seated next to his boyfriend Darren Young and they both told Norman to leave them alone. Apparently, Norman left but decided to come back in a fit of anger 20 minutes later and punched Andrew so hard that he fell and suffered a internal bleeding, leading to brain surgery. 

Norman reportedly turned himself in last week and is charged with felony battery causing serious bodily injury.