Daniel Kaluuya, the star of last year's surprise hit Get Out, was last night's guest on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and the two indulged in some particularly strange subject matter.

When discussing the cross-cultural omnipotence of Jordan Peele's celebrated directorial debut, Kaluuya reveals to Colbert "what Jordan articulated through his voice, his African American voice and African American perspective, he tapped into a universal black truth navigating the Western world." Kaluuya elaborates on this thought by adding "white people say some really weird stuff to you. White people say weird stuff. White people say weird things."

Naturally, Colbert asked Kaluuya to expand upon this thought and give a specific instance of white people saying weird things. Kaluuya points to a part of the film where his girlfriend's date very eagerly announces that he would have voted for Obama for a third time if he could, and how this has now evolved into white people telling the actor and Jordan Peele "I've watched Get Out three times." 

Kaluuya is pointing out the fact that white people feel the need to defend or overly articulate their affinity towards black people and culture. This makes the actor feel particularly uncomfortable, as he simply responds with a deadpan but humorous "yeah."

Elsewhere in the interview, Kaluuya recalls meeting Oprah, and how him hugging the former talk-show host has effectively made him "bulletproof." Watch the interview below: