Giannis Antetokounmpo went against his own principles on Wednesday night by philandering with other team's best player after the game. The Milwaukee Bucks were in New Orleans to face the Pelicans, and as expected they came away with the W, a spirited 123-115 result as the game clock struck "zero."

But under unusual circumstances, Giannis Antetokounmpo, normally very resolute in his on-court conduct, approached the Pelicans' Anthony Davis in a ruse to recruit him over to the Milwaukee Bucks. “Come to the Bucks, man," Antetokounmpo repeated several times, "Come to the Bucks." Of course, it's no secret that Anthony Davis is weighing his options short of completing the remaining years on his current deal. The Los Angeles Lakers are rumored to be interested, as are the Boston Celtics, and any doggone team in their right mind (provided they have the cap space).

Though Anthony Davis refused to directly comment on the utility of Giannis' recruitment pitch, he did, however, mention how honored to receive such acknowledgment from a fellow elite-NBAer. "Obviously,” Davis said to the media. "It's cool to hear any high-caliber player say they want to play with me. But my job is to turn this team around. If we're 15-17, that means I'm not doing my job." What makes Giannis' recruitment even more enticing is that he previously rebuffed LeBron James when the King invited him to train in the offseason. As always, you've got to trust the process, folks.