If you're familiar with the shoe world and the resale market than you surely know what the GOAT app is. Essentially, the app allows you to buy and sell new and used sneakers. GOAT acts as the middleman as they are tasked with legit-checking the shoes and making sure that they are in fact authentic. Now the app is hosting a brand new contest that is encouraging users to customize their own pair of kicks, with the three best designs taking home $1000 in credit on the app. A pretty great deal especially if there is a pair of black or white sneakers burning a hole in your closet.

As GOAT said on Instagram, this is how you can apply for the contest:

1) Simply design your sneaker⁣
2) Follow @GOAT⁣
3) Post your DIY sneaker photo with the #GOATDIY in the caption⁣

On the GOAT website, there is even a page now dedicated to some of the shoes they recommend using for the contest and of course, they include links to buy those shoes. Although if you want to get the most out of your $1000 you'll probably want to use a pair of kicks you already have.

Winners will be contacted on March 7th so get to customizing.