The Golden State Warriors' early season drama between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green seems like ages ago. The only dispute going on in the Warriors locker room nowadays is which fast food chain has the best burgers.

On Wednesday, Warriors players Jordan Bell, DeMarcus Cousins, Alfonzo McKinnie and Stephen Curry debated In-N-Out vs Whataburger vs Five Guys. 

Bell, who shot the video embedded below, was shocked that some of his teammates chose Whataburger over In-N-Out, but the consensus seemed to be that Five Guys is king in the Warriors locker room.

"It's like hall of fame," Cousins said, in regards to In-N-Out.

"Hall of fame?" McKinnie asks. "Five Guys be shiting over In-N-Out."

"Huh?" Bell responded, as Curry appeared to agree with McKinnie.

"We're talking about Whataburger and In-N-Out," Bell said. "That shit not even close."

McKinnie then added, "I'm just going to say, In-N-Out is not that bomb."

In regards to NBA burger debates, Sacramento Kings point guard De'Aaron Fox is firmly in favor of Whataburger over In-N-Out. The Texas native has gone on record saying that In-N-Out's burgers are "trash."

“[Whataburger] is open 24 hours, you know what I’m saying? After any type of game, everybody going. Whataburger’s just better than In-N-Out. It’s not the fact that I would compare Whataburger and In-N-Out, it’s just the fact that In-N-Out’s not good. There’s a lot of burger places I would eat over In-N-Out.”