GoldLink On Logic, Chaz French & The Diversity Of DMV Rap (Interview Part 2/3)

HNHH Staff
December 08, 2015 17:09

GoldLink explains the different sides of the DMV's music scene

GoldLink's strong internet following and general mystique might make him appear to be something of a post-regional artist, but according to the rapper himself, the DMV plays a major role in his music. In our recent interview, the rapper, who has lived in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, explained just how the area has informed his style. "The way that I talk, my slang, the way I say things, they way I go about things is very home-based," he explained. "Everything is from my region, because you've never seen anything like it. That's why no one knows what the fuck the sound is. We're really different kids who make really different shit."

He later went on to talk about some other artists from the DMV, and the differences and similarities in their stories. "For example, Logic is representing Gaithersburg, Maryland, and the perils of growing up there... I don't know that shit... and then there's Chaz [French]. Me and him are from the north-east. He's one of those kids that grew up in the DMV, but then he went to Texas... but he never went to a go-go, and there's a lot of kids like that."

Watch part one of our conversation with GoldLink below.

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HNHH TV GoldLink On Logic, Chaz French & The Diversity Of DMV Rap (Interview Part 2/3)