It seems like Google has been attempting to get into the video game business for quite some time now. The worldwide technology company has been eyeing the gaming industry for at least five years, as I can remember when Google was making moves to acquire Twitch before Amazon scooped it up. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are currently running the game with their Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch consoles, but Google refuses to be left out. Now, rumors are circulating that Google's console, codenamed "Yeti," has taken large strides towards becoming a reality. 

According to Kotaku, Google met with several video game companies at this year's Game Developers Conference in connection with a streaming platform codenamed "Yeti." Hypebeast also confirms that Google was at the conference, and that they also attended E3 in Los Angeles two weeks ago. Rumors have also surfaced that Google is looking to purchase game development studios.

The idea behind this streaming platform/console is to give gamers better access to quality games. Google would be able to stream games from their servers, allowing them to do all the heavy work (graphics processing for example). Instead of a computer or console needing to rely on expensive graphics cards, Google would be able to handle that on the streaming end, also allowing for graphics updates. That is just one perk that can come with this new Yeti device. A streaming console may have many other technological advantages, but only time will tell if Google can get it off the ground.