This is Gorilla Zoe's second run-in with the law within the last three months. Back in November, rapper Gorilla Zoe was reportedly arrested on charges of domestic violence following an incident that occurred at a hotel. This time, the rapper was taken into custody in South Florida at the Miami International Airport after he reportedly attempted to bring a loaded firearm onto a plane.

Gorilla Zoe, real name Keith Mathis, was searched by TSA at their security checkpoint. It was then that they located a "loaded .38 caliber gun in his carry-on bag," NBC 6 News reported. Mathis was charged with one count of carrying a concealed firearm as his gun license was suspended.

Back in November, we reported that Mathis was detained following an altercation with a woman at the La Siesta Resort. A staff member called the police after they claimed they saw Mathis become physical with the woman while the couple was out on a hotel balcony together. When officers arrived, it's reported that Mathis was found holding the woman down.

The rapper's female companion would later tell police that they were just drunk and that Mathis was never physically abusive toward her. The "Hood N*gga" rapper posted bail and was soon released.