Former NFLer Greg Hardy, who was blacklisted from the league after a domestic abuse scandal, has changed his career path over the last few years, making his way to MMA and the UFC. On Saturday, Hardy competed in the UFC on ESPN+ event against Allen Crowder. It seemed as though Hardy was going to win the fight, but Hardy delivered a crushing blow to the head of Crowder, which was deemed illegal by the referee and ultimately disqualified hardy from the fight.

Coming into the event, Hardy was 3-0 and told TMZ Sports that his inexperience was an issue in the decision, as he simply didn't know that that was a rule.

"It was a rookie mistake and I'm a rookie," Hardy explained. "I feel bad. You never want to break the rules."

Considering what the public may think of him due to past transgressions, Hardy wants to make sure people understand he didn't mean to break the rules like that and didn't want the fight to end with a cheap shot. He also hopes to prove to people that he can be a great UFC fighter, saying he hopes he can fight Crowder again some day.

For the full interview with TMZ, check out the video below.