According to a report coming out of San Antonio, Greg Popovich wants to arrange a sit down with LeBron before he makes his free agent decision. Now before you call captain obvious, consider this: The Spurs are a team that rarely goes on a limb. In fact, you might even purport that Spurs' higher ups value team structure and chemistry more so than anything.

Marc Stein of the New York Times, a trusted insider for NBA affairs, alluded to Pop putting feelers out.

"I’ve also been advised that the ever-persuasive San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich is bound to try to force his way into the conversation to sell James on the merits of South Texas."

Although the Spurs seem like a long shot to earn his signature, they do qualify as an option for LeBron to remain in "Championship" window. The duo of LeBron and Kawhi Leonard would put defensive units at a loss off the screen. NBA teams have yet to game plan around the long ball, but the answer potentially lies in pairing LeBron with players who follow his maximal effort and efficiency, of course Kawhi comes to mind. Good perimeter defense follows a careful analysis of the opponent's tendencies on the ball (player profile).

X's and O's baby.