Last night was a triumphant one for the New York Knicks as they finally won a game at home after losing 18 consecutive games at Madison Square Garden. The match was a 130-118 victory over the San Antonio Spurs who on paper are a much better team than the Knicks. After the game, legendary Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was visibly upset about his team's performance and let the media know about it. Pop is known for his interesting approach with the media and it was on full display on Sunday night, with Popovich even slapping himself in the face at one point.

"It was a pathetic performance defensively, the Knicks had something to do with it, they were physical, they did a good job," Popovich said. 

After being asked for a further explanation on what happened, Popovich got a little bit more hostile.

"Didn't I just say we were pathetic on defense?" Popovich asked. "What would you like me to do? Would you like me to slit my throat or beat myself up? No. I'm not going to give you a coaching clinic." 

The Spurs currently boast a record of 33-28 which puts them in seventh place in a stacked Western Conference. After a loss to Toronto on Friday night, the team is on a two-game losing streak.