She has been dating a billionaire mogul for years, but Grimes recently clarified rumors that her beau, Elon Musk, was helping her financially fund her career. Grimes and Musk have been together since 2018 and just last year, they welcomed their son, X Æ A-Xii Musk, into the world. The unconventional, yet wealthy couple has often stolen attention for their controversial moves and remarks, and the public seemed to assume that Grimes was funding her music career with the help of Musk's reported $160 billion net worth.

The singer has worked as an independent artist but on TikTok, she was seen dancing to her song "100% Tragedy" and mentioned that she inked a record deal. "My label thinks this isn't a single what do y'all think?" she asked.

Elon Musk, Grimes
Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty Images

Soon, her comments were filled with questions regarding why she would sign to a label if Musk could help her financially. "Need to get out of the gate-keeping of indie music and I need $ for music videos etc haha contrary to popular belief my bf doesn't fund my career," Grimes replied.

The response opened Grimes and Musk's romance up to becoming the butt of jokes from people who questioned what connects the two, but they seemed to be happily in love. Grimes even appeared alongside Musk on Saturday Night Live during the tech mogul's hosting gig on the long-running, late-night sketch comedy show.

Months ago, Grimes reportedly sold her crypto-art for $5.8 million, so she certainly isn't hurting for cash. Check out Grimes explaining herself below.