The Griselda creative vision knows no boundaries, expanding beyond music and into fashion and videography. Following the release of their debut as a trio, What Would Chinegun Do (abbreviated as WWCD), Griselda has kept the content coming with an onslaught of additional content. You might have already seen their recently launched WWCD documentary, which provides a grounded behind-the-scenes look at the trio's making-of process. This latest episode centers around the group's unsung hero, producer Daringer, who plays an integral role in shaping the signature cinematic sound.

Despite the group's success, there's a bittersweet air as Daringer reflects on the shifting dynamic. "Normally we would be hanging out all the time and making music," reflects Daringer. "Now we're all on schedules and have to put things down in the Calendar to get together and make this shit work. It's been a while since we've all been in the same room together. We all need to be in the room rather than sending stuff. We bounce ideas, take this, do this, change that. Being able to put our heads together and make decisions."

Check out the full clip, which provides a welcome peek into some of the WWCD studio sessions, below. In the meantime, catch up on our official Griselda album review right here