Filmed in Cuba, Donald Glover and Rihanna star in Guava Island, a film that debuted during Coachella on the festival's YouTube stream. Described as a "tropical thriller" by Amazon, the Hiro Murai-directed film was a favorite among fans of both stars—not only because they are both top-earning, talented artists in the entertainment industry, but because the film itself was well-crafted and rich in culture.

Months following the movie's initial release, Guava Island returns with behind-the-scenes footage that shines a light on the local, unknown dancers, musicians, and actors who were featured in the film. Some of those involved are as young as eight-years-old and were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to share their gifts with the world while performing alongside two of the industry's most notable artists. 

"At its best (or maybe just its most accessible), art is ingenuity," Glover said in a statement, according toThe Hollywood Reporter. "I had the pleasure of experiencing this spirit of 'making what you must with what you have,' collaborating with Cuba's talented and abundant artists over the course of filming Guava Island."

"The artist's endeavor has always been the manifesting of an idea, then forcing a society to recognize, or maybe just question, its value," he continued. "These artists have not only inspired me to examine what we value on a day-to-day basis, but also to move with intention in the world with the childlike ingenuity that Cuba seems to offer every moment."