Gucci Mane and his baby mama, Sheena Evans, have been going back and forth in court this past year over an increase in child support payments. Evans requested Gucci's payments increase from $2,076 to $20K per year, but the rapper has been fighting to get the case thrown out. As they duke it out in court, Gucci Mane has called out his baby mama for her alleged expenses, calling them "suspect."

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Gucci Mane fears that his financial records could be leaked if he turns over his financial documents in his child support case against Sheena Evans. The rapper claims that he fears her, her team or someone in the court could damage other business opportunities and negotiations if information on his finances, net worth or monthly income is revealed to the public. The rapper demands that Evans be prohibited from leaking any information.

The rapper continues to say that Evans' monthly expenses are "suspect" and her request for an increase of child support payments are invalid. He points out that she claims she spends $800 on dry cleaning for their child, another $1K on clothes, $150 on grooming and an additional $2800 on extracurricular activities. 

Gucci explains that the only issue in the case is if the increase in child support payments is "consistent with the best interest of the minor child."