When you talk about snitching in 2020, there's a good chance you've got Tekashi 6ix9ine on the mind. The rainbow-haired rapper is one of the most notorious informants of all time, ratting out his former associates to serve less time in prison. In his defense, the people he went against in court are the same people who kidnapped him, threatened his and his family's lives, violated his baby mama, and more. 

Gucci Mane sent out a quick message about snitching on social media, and many assume he was prompted to speak out because of the 6ix9ine situation.

"I Never Have and Never Will Snitch on Nobody, I'll Do My Time," wrote Gucci Mane

The Atlanta rap legend has had his own history of legal difficulties and, as he said, he never folded. He would rather spend do his time behind bars before he rats on one of his friends. 

There have recently been renewed conversations about snitching as it pertains to hip-hop and the culture. It has been frowned upon for so long but, with the recent success of Tekashi 6ix9ine's new single and video "GOOBA," which is possibly challenging for a #1 debut on the Billboard Hot 100, it seems like the younger generation of rap fans doesn't care at all that he told. 

Gucci Mane
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images