No matter how often the decision ends in agony and humiliation, some fans simply never learn. The lesson in question? Rushing the stage is a bad idea. We've seen it time and time again. Emboldened fanatics clambering over the stage like ravenous fiends, while the artist in question is likely more alarmed than honored. More often than not, they are pushed, tossed, thrown, or otherwise sent flying back from whence they came. Are five minutes of "glory" worth the bruises to both ego and body? For some, the answer is a stubborn, toothless, swollen-lipped "YES."

One particular Gucci Mane fan attempted to break the mold, only to come face to face with the limitations of his physical form. On Friday night, during a Brooklyn concert, a man manages to climb onto the stage for a mere moment. It doesn't take long for Guwop's security detail to come through, charging forward to hit the fan with the "five-point palm exploding heart technique." The fan flies backward, and while it's unclear whether he suffered further injuries (beyond his pride), it's nothing a little bit of reflection might cure.

As for Gucci, he seemed completely unfazed. It's as he said. Some people simply get lost in the sauce. For the record, this is not the first time this has happened. Peep the footage below.