Ring the town bells -- Gucci Mane is coming home in September. According to new reportage from journalist Neil Martinez-Belkin, Guwop will be released from jail on September 20, 2016. It gets better -- Gucci now says he's tooling up for a "Gucci Mane & Friends" tour that will commence upon his release.

Gucci's Twitter & Instagram mysteriously disappeared at the beginning of the year. In his second tweet since getting those accounts reinstated, he announced the tour and posted booking contact information.

As we documented last week, Gucci has released more music since he got locked up in 2014 than possibly every other rapper. The "Gucci & Friends" tour is great news for two reasons. 1) Gucci is going on tour, and 2) it seems Martinez-Belkin's report that will he will be freed at last in Septemburrrrrrr.