Rap beef can go to some dark places, and few understand that better than Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. Though the height of their feud transpired roughly six years ago, Guwop and Jeezy found themselves in the middle of an escalating war; some battles can go beyond rap, and this was surely among them. Yet fans look back on it as a classic feud, and rightfully so, given that it gave us "Truth." 

Fulton County Sheriff's Office/Getty Images

Despite being a renewed pacifist, Gucci took a moment to stroll back memory lane and give his iconic diss track a spin. The Evil Genius took to Instagram to celebrate the track's sheer disrespect, asking his fans: "Is this the hardest track ever made?" Consider some of the lyrics, which include taunting Jeezy about his dead homie, Pookie Loc.

"Go dig your partner up, n***a, bet he can't say shit, and if you looking for the kid, I'll be in Zone 6," rapped Guwop, challenge Jeezy with a cold demeanor often unseen in even the most heated of beefs. After all, Loc died at Gucci's own hand during a robbery attempt, though the rapper ultimately claimed self-defense. For what it's worth, Jeezy maintained that he did not send Loc on the mission, and it still haunts him to this day.

In truth, there's definitely some credence to Guwop's claim. Is "Truth" the hardest song of all time? Or at least, the most disrespectful?