Though Gucci Mane has left behind some of his more reckless qualities, every so often, glimmers of his former self tend to arise. During these lapses, few can rival his unapologetic assertions of dominance, a testament to his spirit as a competitor. But what good is a competitive spirit when one fancies themselves unbeatable? That is the question that Gucci Mane is currently grappling with, it would seem, as he muses on the possibility of throwing his hat into the Verzuz ring.

Gucci Mane Verzuz

Aaron J. Thornton/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Taking to Twitter, Gucci Mane made it clear that there is no point in him participating in Verzuz, as he'd be unable to find an opponent fearless enough to trade hits with him. Yet in issuing such a boast, he inadvertently made a case for his inclusion, which raises the question as to whether he wanted in The Verzuz lineup all along? In any case, it would certainly be interesting to see Gucci Mane step up and face off with a potential challenger -- though fellow ATLiens T.I. and his old rival Jeezy are off the table, set to face off against one another as we speak.

"Stop asking me about doing a @verzuzonline battle unless they got a million dollars they scared of Wop," he writes, which naturally prompted many of his followers to chime in with their suggested opponents. Given Guwop's extensive mixtape catalog, one has to wonder whether he'd be able to out-endure the majority of the rap game. Perhaps he'd be well suited going against someone like Future, who may find himself enticed by the potential million-dollar prize pool. Check out Gucci's flex below, and sound off -- do you think he's a top tier Verzuz competitor?