We know that Mike WiLL Made It and Gucci Mane have a storied creative partnership, to the point that Guwop actually gave Mike his producer name (Mike Will Made It/ Gucci Mane slayed it"), so the fact that the two are still in contact despite Gucci being behind bars isn't all that surprising.

What is surprising however, is that Mike WiLL was attempting to get Wop to host his upcoming project, Ransom 2, from the pen, and while that sounds like an incredible concept, the producer has already confirmed that "The feds" aren't going to let it happen. Sharing the news on Twitter today.

On the bright side, Mike says that his Trap Tape, which sounds like it'll be another collab with Gucci, will be released once the rapper is free.

Of course, the producer is fresh off of working with Beyonce on "Formation," which he revealed was responsible for the push back on Ransom 2. Now that the single is out, WiLL's next project should arrive soon. Oh yeah, it's no longer a mixtape, it's an album.

View his tweets below.