Young Thug's not only influenced the rap game in his own right but he's used his platform to introduce the world to some of our personal favorites. Gunna and Lil Baby are among them, though you can argue that Baby has since left the nest. Gunna, on the other hand, is right by Young Thug's side even as he blows up in the rap game. 

In a recent piece for Interview Magazine, Gunna fielded a few questions from his mentor regarding sports, the rap game, fashion, studio food, and the best time to smoke. At one point, Thug asked Gunna who he thinks got the game right now and who he thinks the next-up is. Clearly feeling the good reception to Wunna, Gunna responded, "Me, of course. This is another season and I’m going MVP, I promise, no kizzy." In terms of up-and-coming, he listed Nechie.

When Thugger asked him who he thought was the best rapper, Gunna made an argument as to why he thinks Young Thug is the best rapper alive.

YOUNG THUG: Who is the best rapper?

GUNNA: You asked me that, twin. I said it was me.

YOUNG THUG: I said who’s running the game. Now I’m asking who is the best rapper alive?

GUNNA: It would have to be you, Slime, on god. You make the most songs out of everybody. Anybody can rap and make songs but you’re making real songs. It’s hard to do that. I understand it because I make songs, too.

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