As Gunna readies his anticipated new album, Wunna, for release on Friday, he's been doing a bit of press. This morning, he connected with The Breakfast Club via Skype for an interview that touched on the new album, recording in Jamaica and more.

As far as the release date goes, Gunna chalks up the delay to simple procrastination: "I procrastinating so much.I ended up just coming to this date," he shared. "I recorded a little over half [of the album] in Jamaica. The documentary going to show you, like me making the songs, literally. Just from different vibes."

They divert the conversation to Young Thug and how he's played a role not only in Gunna's new album (Gunna says he's always asking Thugger for his input and advice), but in Gunna's career as a whole. When Charlamagne Tha God asks who he thinks helped him more in hip-hop, Young Thug or Lil Baby, Gunna responds promptly with "Thug." "I feel like Thug helped me, as far as me being an artist more and just learning the game cause he had already been in it. And Baby, just kinda created the history together, so it was bigger."

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 Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Perhaps the most interesting bit from the 23-minute interview though, arrives when the infamous and alleged Crime Stopper-like appearance comes up. The clip which circulated heavily online in December of last year as the result of a short-lived beef with Baton Rouge-based rapper Tec, seemingly found Gunna making an apperance on some sort of local TV show discussing his cousin who was caught up with the police. The clip doesn't really find Gunna "snitching," but he does seem to be discussing his cousin's case and claims his cousin's innocence. 

When asked about it, Gunna got straight to the facts: "Man I don't know what the fuck that's about, Crime Stoppers what? I ain't never stopped a crime. Never." Still, he admits it's him in the video-- "Yes that's me, but that wasn't no Crime Stopper."

He continued his defense, explaining, "Even n*ggas just saying you snitched on who? I was never in no case. See what I'm sayin?"

As far as the video clip, he also explained a little bit of the backstory behind it, revealing, "My cousin was in a jail-- a little girl got killed-- and another n*gga went to court and said my cousin did it, but my cousin didn't do it. My cousin still got life for that shit, til this day."

Check out the new interview with Angela Yee, DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God below.