Gunna is still riding high off of the release of his latest project, Wunna. Though the album arrived a few weeks ago and launched to the top of the Billboard 200, the rapper admitted that it's been hard to celebrate with everything going on in the world. However, he's still plotting on the release of the deluxe edition, as most his peers do when they drop an album.

The deluxe version of Wunna will launch along with a special edition collectibles item. The rapper took to Instagram this week to reveal that the Wunna Mann action figure will be available in the near future. But the action figure is only part of a bigger world surrounding his new album and his lifestyle. Along with Wunna Mann, there will be action figures available for Gunna, Wheezy, Young Thug, Turbo, Taurus, and Aviator Keys.

"Wunna Mann🕺🏾 & Duluxe Otw Who ready," he captioned the post. 

"Gunna is Wunna. He's wealthy, he's unapologetic, and he got the D R I P. The life purpose of Wunna is to be seen, be heard, and communicate. Through his new project he will reflect this purpose in a warrior like manner -- energetically, outspoken and recklessly, while shining his brightest light to others," the product description reads.

Though no tracklist has been revealed for the deluxe version, it feels like it'll be arriving in the neat future. Are you scooping a Wunna Mann action figure?