Gunplay is finally making his way back into the public eye, or at least out of his house, after trouble with the law (he was facing a life sentence for armed robbery) put him on house arrest. Since his case was dismissed, allowing him to avoid a life sentence, Gunplay has seemingly changed his outlook and attitude, chosing to be more positive and avoid beef. This can be attributed to his house arrest, which the rapper previously said helped him stay away from drama.

Now that Gunplay is back in work/music-making mode, and promoting his upcoming album Living Legend, he sat down with The Breakfast Club for an interview. The rapper spoke on his life since his charges were dismissed, and what it was like facing a life sentence. He also talks about other ventures outside of music, specifically, a video vixen service. 

The rapper said of his video vixen service, "I got H.U.S.H. coming. H.U.S.H. is going to be my establishment for video vixens." He explained, "If you wanna hire a video vixen, you got em on H.U.S.H...Have You Seen Her?" 

During the conversation with the Power 105 crew, the past 50 Cent beef and incident where Fif stole Gunplay's chain was brought up. When asked if Gunplay would confront 50 again, Gunplay expresses a new side of himself.

"At the end of the day I'm a man first, and I ain't gunna be tried by nobody... But I'm not looking for no trouble, I'm good, I haven't raised my voice in a minute. I've been smiles, and just moving forward and getting this music done and focusing on this album now," Gunplay said.

Gunplay also acknowledged a new-found fan-base, which spread after the release of "Cartoon & Cereal." Gunplay said of his new fans, "That's cool. I probably gotta give that to Kendrick Lamar. After "Cartoons & Cereal" literally my Twitter... the colors of avatars changed. They just started changing I was like, 'what? Becky?!' I saw the change immediately, the day that dropped."

Finally, the MMG rapper explained his debut album name change from Medellin to Living Legend.

"I changed it 'cause what I been through, there's not many peopel or rappers for that matter to go where I went to in the public eye and bounce back stronger than ever, not only within this music, but within himself," Gunplay explained. "There's not an artist out there that was on surveillance cam footage facing a life sentence. Six day prior holding his own against 8 girls. Not many people did that and can bounce back. And I did that. And I think I'm a 'Living Legend' and I don't give a fuck if you don't feel it. That's how I feel."

Watch the full interview with Gunplay below.