It's wild that in 2020, there is still such a stigma around non-heteronormativity. Halle Berry was introduced to the harsh reality of the world when she shared a video of her young son walking around the house in a pair of her high-heeled boots, struggling while he traveled up the stairs. Many of the comments were homophobic in nature, and the actress has since taken to her platform to address the backlash.

On the twelfth day of quarantine, Halle Berry's son was so bored that he decided to go digging around in his mother's closet, finding a pair of calf-high boots and walking around the house in them. The little boy attempts to make his way back upstairs, experiencing difficulty because of the obstacles on his feet. 

Halle Berry
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

"I hope that’s the daughter," wrote one of the comments. "That's how it starts," said another critic.

Halle Berry felt the need to defend her son and her parenting skills, taking time to clap back against the homophobia in her comments section.

"Harmless fun. Tryna survive right now. You feel me?" wrote back Berry to one fan. She encouraged another to "have a laugh and some compassion."

Halle Berry has been careful about featuring her children on her social media pages and the reason why has become clear now. For what it's worth, she tried her hardest not to post her son's face in the clip.