Halle Berry has been doing the media rounds for her role in John Wick 3 that sees her playing a badass fighting woman, who conducts her own stunts that led to her breaking three ribs. During her recent visit to Jimmy Fallon, Halle revealed even more about the film and how she spent at least three hours a day for six months training Belgian Malinois dogs.

Halle went on to explain how she used some of the tricks she learned on her dogs at home, jokingly describing how she taught her Labradoodles how to talk. "I learned so much about dog training. I taught my dogs so many things that I learned from the trainers," she said. "I taught them something super unique. I actually taught them how to talk. If you train them long and hard enough. I got my dog to talk."

Mike Coppola/WireImage/Getty

A video then sees Halle's pooch talking about eating the hamburgers off the counter, that was for the kids. If you watch the video below, you can tell that Halle's dog isn't really talking, as she reveals that she used an app to make it look realistic. 

John Wick 3 hits theaters May 17th.