Halle Berry's house in Malibu was affected by the wildfires that ripped through Southern California several weeks ago. Since the location was evacuated, Halle was forced to leave her home. After her departure, Berry's situation became even more precarious due to a most unexpected event. Her house was reportedly invaded by pirates who took over and emptied the building of its valuables.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

According to reports, the alleged pirates reached the waterfront home by boat then proceeded to loot the $ 8 million building. An insider says the actress was "frantic" upon reception of the strange news, especially since she had been instructed to stay away from her house for the time being. The criminals are said to have stolen expensive artwork and irreplaceable personal items of sentimental value. A source close to the entertainer says the ordeal "could have been plucked from a movie."

"These criminals were clever," an insider said, "They knew exactly what they were doing! They knew that the fire gave them exactly the cover they needed to pull off the job." No injuries have been reported. Halle had left her house when she realized her location was on the path of the Woolsey Fire's destructive trail on November 8.