A few weeks a go, Halsey made an announcement revealing that she and her ex-boo, G-Eazy called it quits. Since then, both of them have been spotted with other people which led to speculations that they've moved on. G-Eazy was spotted holding hands with Demi Lovato a few weeks a go which sparked rumors that the two were seeing each other. G-Eazy shut down those rumors on the ESPY's red carpet and now, Halsey has backed up that claim.

Halsey doesn't seem concerned with the rumors that her ex is seeing Demi Lovato. She recently spoke to TMZ who asked her about the possibilities of them dating. Halsey was quick to shut down the rumors and confirm the two were "just friends."

"Nah, they're just friends." She said, "They're cool. Demi's cool. They're just friends."

A few days after she confirmed the split with G-Eazy, Halsey warned her fans not to sleep with their ex during a concert. The camera guy asked her why it was an important piece because he felt that "sometimes you got to." Her thought process was simple: it only leads to more emotional turmoil.

"You don't got to. You gonna catch feelings you don't need to have." She stated.

Halsey doesn't seem that concerned about he ex's love life, atleast that's how it comes off. However, she has been seen with Machine Gun Kelly in the past so maybe she has other things distracting her from the recent split.