If you haven't noticed, Halsey has completely wiped her Instagram clean of all posts and has since uploaded images in promotion for her upcoming two-day show at Webster Hall. May 8th will see the singer perform her Badlands album and May 9th will see her perform Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. 

Halsey's fans were quick to put some other clues together, leading many to believe that she has new music on the way. Being that her shows are on Wednesday, May 8th and Thursday, May 9th, some are assuming that Friday, May 10th may mean new music. As well, Halsey's social media bios are now equipped with a link that takes you to a website that gives you a meaning to your worst nightmares.

Fans choose from  “falling,” “demons/ghosts,” “natural disaster” or “loved one dying,” and the website will present you with an interpretation of what that means in your waking life. 

Nightmare is clearly the theme, or even title, of Halsey's upcoming project and the singer debuted her "nightmare" tattoo at last night's BBMA's. Even more, tickets for Halsey's Webster Hall show go on sale as of 5:17 PM leading many to believe that May 17th will bring about a new track. 

Peep more fan reactions and theories below.