Hannibal Buress, the comedian who has been quite prolific as of late, was interviewed for the 100th episode of the Internet series Hot Ones. The Spiderman: Homecoming star dished about his career over a plate of blazing hot wings, speaking about his past accomplishments and upcoming projects that will keep him in the public eye. 

Buress speaks about his debut rap single "Gibberish Rap," which made impact on the singles charts in Norway of all places. The comedian notes how he "made the ‘Gibberish Rap’ song and got really excited about it. A couple blogs picked it up. I was hyped, and I just told people send me a beat and I’ll do some features." 

Buress then reflects on his follow-up single "Versace Breakfast," which wasn't as well as received by critics and audiences like "Gibberish Rap" was when it first debuted. He reveals that "I don’t think a lot of people know about ‘Versace Breakfast’" which contained cringeworthy lyrics like "Scramble my eggs, Versace breakfast / Prada Lunch, I don’t eat brunch / Fuck mimosas, no limit soldiers / Duck hunt, fuck cunts, luck bunch."

When asked which set was the most fun to be on, Buress reveals that the Eric Andre Show was the most memorable experience he's had thus far. The comedian recounts the "Rapper Warrior Ninja" episode featuring Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky, which saw the hip-hop heavyweights compete in an obstacle course that tested the physical limits of its participants. Buress cannot help but burst into chuckles when remembering the nasty fall Brown took during the segment.

Peep the rest of the interview below: