It's still unclear exactly what happened in the Los Angeles Clippers locker room after their victory over the Houston Rockets earlier this week, but James Harden says 99% of the reports we've heard thus far are false.

Harden, Trevor Ariza and Chris Paul, all of whom were allegedly involved in "storming" the Clippers locker room to confront Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin, addressed the rumors today while speaking with the media.

According to all three players, the reports that have surfaced thus far are inaccurate. Trevor Ariza mentioned that he has already spoken with the league office about the incident, but could not provide a detailed account because the investigation is still ongoing.

In regards to the rumors, Chris Paul said, “Never ceases to amaze me. Some of them were real funny.”

Among the reports was a rumor that Rockets center Clint Capela walked down the main corridor and banged on the front entrance to the Clippers locker room while CP3 led Harden, Ariza and Gerald Green through a secret tunnel into the locker room. However, Marc Stein of the New York Times reported Wednesday that it was actually Tarik Black who knocked on the front door that night, and he wasn't meant to be a diversion for his other teammates.  

Stein also reports that DeAndre Jordan, as the closest Clipper to the door when Trevor Ariza and the other Houston players got inside the locker room, was key in keeping things from escalating.